How to Make a Temporary Tattoo without a Printer?

In the article ‘How to Make a Temporary Tattoo with a Printer?’ I have explained the various methods of getting the temporary tattoos inked using the printer. Don’t worry in case you don’t have the printer at your place because in this article I have explained the several methods for getting temporary tattoos without using the printer. There are a few things that I have personally followed before and after the process. If you follow these ways carefully, your temporary tattoos can last long for many days.

Temporary Tattoos-FYI

Using a sharpie or permanent marker without a printer


  • Sharpie or permanent marker
  • Design of the tattoo
  • Scissors or cuter
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Baby powder or hair spray

Select the design

Select the perfect design of the temporary tattoo according to your choice. You can google the numerous ideas where different artists have uploaded their different artworks on the internet and select the best one. If you already have an idea about the design; try to visualize it properly and draw or write it on a piece of paper.

Temporary Tattoo-Design-Tattoo

Copy the design on paper

The next step is to copy the exact image or wordings of the design on the piece of paper. Do this step very carefully since it will be going to form the base of your tattoo. You can add additional designs, patterns, symbols, or numbers according to your choice to give a unique look to your tattoo.

Temporary Tattoo-FYI-Tat

Copy the design on the spot

Now the next step is to copy the design on the area where you want to have the temporary tattoo. This area should be properly cleaned with a small amount of rubbing alcohol on a cotton pad or using wet wipes. Now carefully copy the design from the piece of paper to the spot.


Your tattoo is ready!

Now go and flaunt your tattoo to the world. But before that, don’t forget to sprinkle some baby powder or hair spray on the tattoo.


Using a sharpie, tracing paper, and perfume without using a printer


  • Sharpie
  • Design of the tattoo
  • Alcohol-based perfume
  • Scissor or cutter
  • Tracing paper
  • Baby Powder or hair spray

Choosing the design of the tattoo

Same as above.

Copying the design

Now take a piece of tracing paper and use a sharpie or permanent marker to copy the design.

FYI-Tracing Paper-Temporary Tattoo


Apply the perfume to the surface of the skin where you want to have the temporary tattoo. The brand of the perfume doesn’t matter but it should be alcohol-based. Apply it thoroughly and wait to dry it off.

FYI-Temporary Tattoos-Perfume-Sharpie

Application of tracing paper

Apply the tracing paper on the spot. After a few minutes (2-3 minutes) remove the paper from the spot. You will notice a trace image of the tattoo on your skin. Now use a sharpie or permanent marker to draw the design on the traced image.



Baby powder or talcum powder

Apply some baby powder or talcum powder so that the tattoo get sticks to your skin. Your tattoo is ready now.

Baby powder-tattoo-fyi-sharpie


Using an eyeliner


  • Design of the tattoo
  • Liquid eyeliner or eyeliner pencil
  • Tracing paper (optional)
  • Baby powder or hair spray

Choosing the design

Like all the other methods, choose the best design for yourself. For this method. I selected a tiny black-colored heart tattoo.

Choosing the area for the tattoo

After selecting the design, I chose the area of my finger to draw the tiny heart temporary tattoo. I cleaned my finger thoroughly with the help of cleansing wipes.

Temporary Tattoo-FYI Tat

Apply the design

Now after selecting the design, draw the design using a waterproof eyeliner directly on the area where you want to have the tattoo. If you are not good at drawing then you can first trace the image and then draw on your skin. You can either choose a liquid or pencil-based eyeliner according to your choice. Don’t forget to clean your area before the application with a help of rubbing alcohol or cleansing wipes.

eyeliner-fyi-temporary tattoo

Using baby powder or hair spray

After drawing the tattoo, apply the baby powder or talcum powder to the area. If you have hair spray at your place, you can also use that on your tattoo so that the ink of your tattoo gets stick to your skin for a longer duration of time.


temporary tattoo on FYI


Using a ball pen and toothpaste 


  • Tattoo design
  • Black-inked gel pen
  • Toothpaste
  • Baby powder, talcum powder, or corn starch
  • Vaseline, balm, or petroleum jelly

The steps from ‘choosing the design’ to the ‘cleaning of the area’ will remain the same.

Apply the toothpaste

Take a tube of the toothpaste irrespective of its brand. Apply a small amount of paste on the area where you want to have the tattoo. Rub it properly on the skin and then wipe it by using a cotton pad.

Temporary Tattoo of FYI

Draw the design

After the application of the toothpaste, the next step is to draw the design of the tattoo on your skin using the black-colored ball pen. You can also use ball pens of other colors as per your choice. For this method, I used the black ball pen and wrote the word ‘Queen’ on my left thigh.

Queen-Temporary Tattoo FYI

Apply the baby powder

Now sprinkle a small portion of baby powder on your tattoo so that the ink of your tattoo gets stick to your skin for a couple of days. You can use a soft makeup brush or makeup sponge to blend the powder well on the skin.

Temporary Tattoo On Leg-FYI

Re-draw the design

After the application of the baby powder, I re-draw the design so that the ink of my tattoo get sticks properly. These steps have to be followed 2-3 times.

Apply the balm, vaseline, or petroleum jelly

After following the above steps 2-3 times, the next important step is to apply balm or vaseline on the tattoo. This is done to give the tattoo a neat and clean look and helps in making it waterproof.

Temporary Tattoo Toothpaste Tattoo


Using the wet henna paste


  • Natural Henna Powder
  • Warm water
  • Natural ingredients like coffee, beetroot, and gooseberry
  • Vaseline
  • Lemon juice
  • Sugar

Prepare the paste of the henna powder

The initial step of this method is to prepare the paste of the henna powder in the hot water and add some ingredients like lemon, coffee, beetroot juice, gooseberry juice, etc. to the paste to give it the desired color. Henna powder is a natural dye prepared from the plant Lawsonia. This powder is easily available at any grocery store in different packaging at affordable prices. After preparing the paste, keep it aside for a few hours.

Henna Paste-Temporary Tattoo-FYI

Clean the area

Clean the area where you want to have the henna tattoo. You can use the henna oil before the application which is easily available at any grocery store.

Apply the henna

When your paste gets ready, transfer it into the piping bags. To apply it, you can google the several designs online and choose the best design for yourself. Apply this henna for at least 12 hours on the area to get the desired results.

Henna Tattoo-FYI

The mixture of lemon juice and sugar

When your henna starts drying out, apply the mixture of sugar and lemon juice to the area so that it get sticks to the surface well. According to several sources, the henna paste should be applied to the skin for at least 12 hours to get the best results.

Lemon sugar syrup-FYI

Apply the balm

After the application when the henna tattoo starts drying out naturally, use the balm so that the tattoo gets dark. The result of the tattoo will be reddish-brown in color and not black as we have not used the black artificial henna.

Henna Temporary Tattoo On Hand

Balm-Natural-FYI-Temporary Tattoo


  • If your skin is very sensitive, avoid getting these temporary tattoos.
  • Using the razor or waxing strips, remove the hair growth on the area so as to give the tattoo a neat and clean look.
  • Henna tattoos work well where the skin is thick like hands and feet. Avoid using black henna as it contains harmful chemicals that may cause allergic reactions to the skin. Don’t apply water for at least 24 hours on the area where the henna is applied.
  • Application of the baby powder or hair spray is very useful in keeping these tattoos for a longer period of time.
  • Application of vaseline, balm, jelly, etc is useful to keep the tattoos stick to the skin.
  • Avoid getting in contact with the water as it may fade away the ink.
  • Various beauty p[products like essential oils, body moisturizers, creams, scrubs, rubbing alcohol, soaps, nail paint remover, etc. should not be used in the area.
  • Avoid doing the exercises for some time so that the tattoo doesn’t get fade away with the sweat.
  • Consult a dermatologist in case of any severe allergic reactions.

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