How to Make a Temporary Tattoo with Eyeliner?

Making a temporary tattoo using eyeliner is one of the easiest methods that we can follow to have the tattoos while sitting at home. Don’t worry if you don’t have the eyeliner at your place as you can borrow it from your friends or family. The waterproof eyeliner which you would be using can either be in a liquid form or pencil-based. In this article, I have explained several methods of getting temporary tattoos using eyeliner. Let’s read further to know the details of each method.

Temporary Tattoos-Forever Young Ink-Eyeliner

Before beginning the process, you need to take care of the following things:

  • The spot of your skin should be properly cleaned using a cotton pad or cleansing wipes.
  • Shaving of the skin should be done before beginning the process to give your tattoo a clean look.
  • The eyeliner should be waterproof irrespective of its brand and color.
  • If you’re allergic to cosmetics then avoid getting the temporary tattoos using the eyeliner.

Method 1. Using the eyeliner and baby powder


  • Waterproof Eyeliner
  • Baby Powder or Talcum Powder

Selection of the spot

You need to select the perfect spot for getting temporary tattoos. After selecting the spot, clean it using wet wipes.

Temporary Tattoo-FYI Tat

Draw the design

After cleaning the spot, use a waterproof eyeliner to draw the design. For this purpose, I used the black-colored waterproof liquid eyeliner to draw a little heart. You can also use eyeliners of different colors as per your choice.

eyeliner-fyi-temporary tattoo

Applying the baby powder

When you are finished with the drawing part, apply the baby powder on the surface so that the tattoo’s ink stays for a longer duration of time on the spot. You can also use talcum powder or cornflour if you don’t have the baby powder at your place.

temporary tattoo on FYI



Method 2. Using the ball pen, eyeliner, and toothpaste


  • Ball Pen
  • Waterproof Eyeliner
  • Toothpaste
  • Baby Powder or Talcum Powder
  • Vaseline

Clean the spot

The area where you want to have the tattoo should be cleaned properly using a cotton pad or cleansing wipes. Make sure that your spot is properly shaved before the application so that your tattoo looks neat and clean. After the cleansing process, apply the toothpaste irrespective of its brand.

Massage the toothpaste

The next step is to massage the toothpaste on the spot properly. Now, use tissue paper to clean it off from the surface.

Temporary Tattoo-using toothpaste

Use the ball pen

For drawing the tattoo, I used a black-inked ball pen.

Temporary Tattoo-pen-eyeliner-toothpaste

Use the baby powder or talcum powder

After drawing the tattoo using the ball pen, I applied the baby powder to it.

Temporary Tat

Re-draw the design

Now use the waterproof eyeliner to re-draw the tattoo. I used the black-colored waterproof liquid eyeliner for this purpose. You can use pencil-based eyeliners of several colors to give your tattoo a unique look.

Temporary Tattoo-Eyeliner

Apply the vaseline

The final step is to apply the vaseline to give your tattoo a neat and clean look.

Temporary Tattoo using pen-eyeliner-toothpaste


Take care of the following things after the application of the tattoos:

  • In case of any severe allergic reaction, consult a nearby dermatologist.
  • If you ain’t happy with the results, you can clean off the tattoo anytime using the soap with cold water.
  • Use can also use a waterproof bandaid to be applied to your tattoo while taking the shower.
  • Avoid wearing tight-fitting clothes as friction can smudge the ink of the tattoo.
  • Avoid getting the tattoo inked if you already have any skin allergy or wound since the application of cosmetics can worsen the situation.
  • Avoid getting the tattoo if you are allergic to cosmetics.
  • Avoid working out for a few days because the sweat can smudge the eyeliner.

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