How to Make a Temporary Tattoo with a Printer?

Getting the temporary tattoos inked is a fun concept and works great for people who love to experiment with their bodies without getting involved in any sort of pain or major side effects. This method of getting temporary tattoos becomes more beneficial if you have a printer at your place since you don’t have to rush to several places for the printouts. It doesn’t matter what type of printer you are using for this purpose since every printer gives its own results. You can try different types of printers in case you want to experiment with different results. In this article, I have explained several methods which I have followed to get a temporary tattoo with a printer. Let’s scroll to read further.


Before the process:

  • Dry skin suits best for the application of temporary tattoos as the various body moisturizers and body oils act as a barrier in the application process. I used wet cleaning wipes to clean the surface of the skin.
  • The area which you select for the application of the tattoo is very important. The parts of your body which come in regular contact with the water should be avoided.
  • If your skin is highly sensitive then avoid getting these tattoos as they may cause skin allergies.

Procedure 1. Making a temporary tattoo with a printer using the baby powder or hair spray


  • Design of the tattoo
  • Printer
  • Hot water bowl
  • Scissors or cuter
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Baby powder and hair spray

Choosing the design

The first step of this method is to choose the best design for your temporary tattoo. You can google the numerous designs which different artists from all over the world have uploaded on their respective sites. In case you already have the idea about the tattoo that you want to get inked, then try to find it online so that you can take a printout of it. If you are familiar with photoshop or several graphic software, then you can easily draw the design on your file and take the print of it.

Take the printout

After choosing the best design the next step is to take the printout of it irrespective of the fact as to which printer you are using since different printer gives the different results. Take the print on the A4 size paper and cut it according to the requirement.

Tattoo Temporary-FYI-Tattoo

Cleaning the spot

Before the application of the tattoo, it is advisable to clean the spot using rubbing alcohol on a cotton pad or cleaning wipes. This is done to remove all the extra dirt or oil present in the skin to give the tattoo a proper neat and clean look.

Rubbing Alcohol-Temporary Tattoo-FYI

Soaking in the hot water bowl

After taking the printout of the tattoo on the A4 size paper, try to cut it according to the requirement so that it can be easily soaked and applied to the skin. After cutting the tattoo, dip it in the hot water bowl for 2-3minutes.

Temporary Tattoo-FYI

Apply the tattoo

After 2-3mintues, take out the tattoo paper from the water and apply it to the area where you want to have the tattoo. Using a hot rag, press the paper to the skin so that the design gets stick to the area for 2-3mintues. Now slowly peel off the paper.

Temporary Tattoo-FYI-Tattoos

Apply the baby powder 

Apply the baby powder or talcum powder so that the tattoo gets stick to the surface for a longer duration of time.

The tattoo is ready!

Your temporary tattoo is ready! If you follow the precautionary steps, the tattoo may stick to your skin for many days.


Procedure 2. Making the temporary tattoo with the printer using the temporary tattoo paper


  • Temporary tattoo website
  • Printer or nearby printing shop
  • Sharpie or permanent marker
  • Hot water rag
  • Baby powder or hair spray

Open the temporary tattoo website and choose the design

The initial step in this method is to open the temporary tattoo website on your laptop or PC. Once you google it, you will find several temporary tattoos websites on your screen. You can either choose to create your own design and upload it on the website or select the existing designs on the website. Once you do this process, make the payment and the authorities will email your selected tattoo design.

Temporary Tattoos


For taking out the printout, simply give the command on the screen and take the print of the tattoo design. Take the print on the A4 size paper and cut it according to the requirement.


Put the temporary tattoo paper on the spot where you want to have the tattoo. Using a hot rag, keep pressing the paper for a few minutes and then remove it.

Baby powder or hair spray

After peeling off the paper, apply the baby powder or hair spray so that the tattoo sticks for a longer duration. Now your tattoo is read!


Procedure 3. Making the temporary tattoo with the printer using the perfume


  • Printer
  • High-quality printing paper
  • Alcohol-based perfume
  • Design of the tattoo
  • Scissors or cutter
  • Hot water bowl
  • Baby powder or hair spray

Selection of the design

For this purpose, I chose a crown tattoo. You can search online for numerous temporary tattoo options.


Take the printouts of the tattoo. If you don’t have a printer at home, you can get it from any nearby shop.

Forever Young Ink-Tattoos

Cutt the design

It’s better to cut the design before the application so that it becomes easy to dip it hot water bowl.

Temporary Tattoo Perfume-Print-FYI

Apply the perfume

Apply the perfume on the tattoo so that it gets sticks to your skin properly.

Dipping in the hot water bowl

Dip the design of the tattoo in the hot water bowl for a few minutes (1-2minutes).


Apply the perfume on the spot

While the design is dipped in water, clean the surface well and apply the perfume.

Place the design

Take out the design from the bowl and apply it to the surface of your skin. Using a hot rag, press the design so that it gets completely stick to your skin.


temporary tattoo with perfume- powder

The tattoo is ready

Now go and flaunt your tattoo to your friends and family. Don’t forget to apply the powder to it.



  • Always test your skin before applying the temporary tattoos. Though these tattoos are convenient and easy to use still better to get your skin checked first before application. If you face any severe reaction, consult the dermatologists.
  • Choose the best spot for the tattoo. Don’t hurry! Take your time and think well patiently then decide.
  • Clean the area well with the razor or waxing strips and exfoliate the skin well to get the desired best results since the natural oil or dirt present on the skin may act as a hindrance for the application. So clean it well so that your skin becomes smooth and dirt-free giving your tattoo a neat and clean look.
  • Application of the baby powder or hair spray is very useful in keeping these tattoos for a longer period of time.
  • Avoid wearing tight-fitting clothes as the ink may get lighten due to rubbing off the cloth with the ink since it causes friction.
  • You can also use talcum powder or cornflour in case you don’t have the baby powder at your home.
  • Don’t hurry in choosing the design for the temporary tattoos. Sit patiently and go through the numerous options before choosing the final one. No doubt, you can modify and rub off the temporary tattoo in case you ain’t happy with the results.
  • Avoid the use of essential oils, body moisturizers, creams, scrubs, rubbing alcohol, soaps, nail paint remover, and sanitizers on the area.
  • Avoid scrubbing or rubbing the skin, especially after getting the tattoo.
  • Avoid working out till the tattoo fades away naturally, as the sweat may smudge the ink on the skin.
  • Don’t inhale the baby powder or hair spray as it may cause some allergic reactions.
  • If you already have an allergy or wound on the skin, try to avoid getting the temporary tattoos as this may worsen the condition.

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