How to Make a Temporary Tattoo with a Pen?

Making a temporary tattoo with a pen is one of the easiest methods as it takes very little time, moreover, it requires items that are easily available at home. So, if you don’t want to go outside to collect the ingredients, I advise you to follow these simplest methods to get temporary tattoos.

Temporary Tattoos

1. Making a temporary waterproof tattoo with a pen and toothpaste


  • Tattoo design
  • Black-inked gel pen
  • Toothpaste
  • Baby powder, talcum powder, or corn starch
  • Vaseline, balm, or petroleum jelly

Choosing the design of the tattoo: In every case, your initial step is to select the best design for yourself. You can go through several designs on the internet or can draw a design of your own choice. You can take the help of any friend or family member in choosing or drawing the best tattoo design for yourself.

Tattoo Toothpaste temporary

Apply the toothpaste: The next step in this method is to apply the small quantity of the toothpaste to the area where you want to have the temporary tattoo. The brand of the toothpaste doesn’t matter but the paste shouldn’t be gel-based. Take only a small amount of the toothpaste and rub it properly on the area so that it gets properly concealed on the skin.

Toothpaste Method-Temporary Tattoo-FYI

Temporary Tattoo of FYI

Draw the tattoo: Now with the help of a black-inked ball pen, draw the design on the area where the toothpaste was applied. You can also use pens of other colors in case you want to have a colored tattoo on your body. If you are unable to draw, you can take the help of any friend or family member.

Queen-Temporary Tattoo FYI

Apply baby powder or talcum powder: Apply some baby powder or talcum powder on the area where you have drawn the design with the help of a ball pen. Using a soft makeup brush or cotton pad, blend the powder well so that the pen’s ink gets stick to the skin.

Temporary Tattoo On Leg-FYI

Again draw the design: After using the powder, re-draw the design on the existing one. This helps to stick the ink properly to the area of the skin. Follow this step twice or thrice.

Apply vaseline, balm, or petroleum jelly: Once the above steps are followed properly, apply vaseline, balm, or petroleum jelly on the surface of your temporary tattoo. This will help in increasing the life of the temporary tattoo on your skin. It will also help in giving your tattoos a proper neat and clean look and making them waterproof.

Temporary Tattoo Toothpaste Tattoo

Testing with water: The last step to be followed is to check whether your tattoo is waterproof or not, and for that, pour a small quantity of water on the tattoo and try to rub it. You will notice that even after applying the water and rubbing on the surface, the tattoo will not smudge on the skin. This one of the best and easiest ways of getting waterproof temporary tattoos.

2. Making a temporary waterproof tattoo with a pen, eyeliner, and toothpaste

Choose the design of the tattoo: Choose the best design for your temporary tattoo.

Forever young ink tattoos

Toothpaste: Now apply the toothpaste to the area where you want to have the tattoo.

Toothpaste Method-Temporary Tattoo-FYI

Drawing: Now use the ball pen to draw the design of the tattoo. I used the black-inked ball pen to draw the design. You can use the inks of other colors also to draw the design.

Temporary Tattoo-pen-eyeliner-toothpaste

Baby powder or talcum powder: Use a cotton pad or makeup brush to blend the baby powder on the design. This step is being followed so that the tattoo can stay for a couple of days.

Temporary Tat

Again draw the design: Using a waterproof eyeliner, re-draw the design. This step should be followed for 2-3 times.

Temporary Tattoo-Eyeliner

Vaseline, balm, or petroleum jelly: Apply the vaseline or balm to give your tattoo a neat and clean look.

Temporary Tattoo using pen-eyeliner-toothpaste


3. Making a temporary waterproof tattoo with pen, permanent marker, and toothpaste

The steps from choosing the design of the tattoo to the application of baby powder will remain the same.

Temporary Tattoo-using toothpaste


Apply baby powder-temporary tattoo

Again draw the design: After using the powder, re-draw the design using a permanent marker. Follow this step several (2-3) times.

Apply the balm: Apply the balm on the tattoo.

Temporary Tattoo-Using-pen-permanent marker-toothpaste

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